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Here is what you can do now.


Learn how to train your companion dog and ensure that she will be there for you when you need her the most.

Sample session within our Day Training Program

Do you want your dog to be a companion dog but they are too high-spirited or boisterous, or just too timid to help their pet parent during tough times?


That doesn't mean that your pet is unfit to be a companion dog - it just means they need a little bit of training.


Training your dog is an excellent way for you to bond with and spend quality time together.


Your dog has unconditional love to offer you and can help you during times of emotional upheaval as well.

Obedience Training

Is Just A Small Part:


For your companion dog that needs professional, scientific backed behavior training. We are the source for your true holistic dog behavior education & training.


Learn how to master dog behavior with this unique system: 1/2 Master Dog Training & 1/2 Behavioral Training, includes Canine Bio-Energy Balancing Methods.

"Master Dog Behavior & Training"
Including Canine Bio-Energy Balancing

Receive the exact working process and procedures, tools, and templates that our Master Dog Behavior & Trainer uses to train service dogs, pet dogs and their people.

A 6-week hybrid dog training course. We will be there with your every step of the way.


HYBRID Dog Training: Done partially together & partially through independent learning online.


6-Live Virtual Sessions, lasting approximately 90-minutes. These are taught in an engaging platform,  using skills they do not share with you in dog training classes.


You want a professionally trained companion dog but you can't afford to have a professional trainer do the work, this is for you.


12-Independent Study Sessions, lasting approximately 60 minutes each. Includes useful mindset tools and techniques that can help you finish the program with ease and finesse.


Learning how to forge deeper bonds with your canine companion to share life’s joys together.


On-Demand Access to the Entire Master Dog Behavior & Training Program, which includes several comprehensive training modules and many dog behavior and training videos as well as written lesson and PowerPoint handouts.


Receive special techniques to balance your dog's over active nervous system, dysregulated emotions & erratic bio-energy patterns.


Learn the scientific secrets from your dog about how to shed stress and strain, achieving a clear and calm mind.


60-Day Email Access to the founder and lead trainer Lorrie Harris for more personalized coaching.

Sign Up For the "Master Dog Training & Behavior" Coaching Program.

Master Dog Behavior & Training
emotional support dog training course

What You and Your Dog Will Learn in this Master Dog Training & Behavior Program

  • How to correct current behavior issues, while preventing them later.

  • How to communicate with your dog effectively.


  • Balance your dogs' nervous system while creating emotional stability.

  • How to develop a special canine companion relationship.

  • Understand how to clam your dog quickly with lasting results.

  • How to respond around strangers and other animals, including other dogs.

  • Learn what they don't teach you in regular dog obedience training.

  • Walk kindly on the leash without pulling.

  • Behave well off-leash.

  • Tolerate strange sights, smells, and noises.

  • Develop a well behaved dog through mutual cooperation and respect.

  • Calm your dog during high stimulation events.

  • Show ease and comfort around people in heavily populated areas.

It is important that dogs are trained to work successfully in a variety of settings. We will show you how to succeed with that and so much more.

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What Can A Trained Companion Dog Help You With?

Studies have shown that caring for a pet can ease your anxiety and loneliness. With companion dog training, your furry pet can do much more than that for you.

We are currently living in unprecedented post pandemic times which has turned the way we live and cope with stress and grief upside down. Because we are normalizing social distancing, people are less likely to physically interact with their loved ones. In these times, your dog can help you cope with:

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Postpartum Depression

  • Grief

  • Fear of uncertainties

  • PTSD

  • Autism - Spectrum Disorders

  • Panic Attacks

  • Social Anxiety Disorders

  • OCD

  • Bipolar Disorder

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Sign up now to start the Master Dog Training & Behavior program. We will be right there with you, all along the way.

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