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dog at dog daycare with training


At Coaching Canine Companions, we believe that training should be fun and rewarding for both you and your pup. Our dog day training camp is the perfect balance of play and structure, allowing your pup to learn and grow with our experienced trainers in a safe, positive, and loving environment.


We offer a wide range of training, from basic obedience to more advanced behavior, and provide individual attention to ensure your pup’s success. Our holistic approach to training focuses on physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, so you can trust that your pup will be in good hands with us!

Don’t have time to train your pup because of your busy schedule? Tired of your dog’s behavioral problems? Want to give your dog a safe and nurturing space to grow?


We Provide Much More than Your Standard Dog Obedience Training.


Coaching Canine Companions is the ultimate solution to all your pup’s obedience and behavioral needs! Not only do we offer dog day training services but we also provide the fastest and most convenient behavioral training results available for your four-legged furry friend!


Treat your pup to one of a kind holistic dog behavior and training professional.

All you have to do is drop your pooch off in the morning, and pick them up in the late afternoon, leaving the play & strategic behavior training for us to worry about.


We only allow 3 training dogs per day, so your dog receives special holistic dog training attention all day long. 


Also, we offer the exceptionally rare service of providing the pup parents with multiple private training sessions to absorb all you need to know to continue growing your pup.


 Dog Day Behavior & Training Programs

At Coaching Canine Companions, we ensure that your pooch not only has a fun time but also reaches their optimal potential as we provide individual attention to your pup!

All Day Behavior & Training Clients Receive Multiple One-on-One Private Sessions In Order To Continue Your Training Endeavors, Even After Our Formal Time Has Completed. We're Here For You Indefinitely.

Daycare Training Packages

6 Day Training Sessions


Recommended for adult dogs and puppies.

Basic obedience training and solving that one problem you just can’t figure out, and learning some basic commands.




Two or three dog day trainings per week for 2-3 weeks at our facility: 6 Total.

Your dog receives exercise, obedience training, enrichment training, companion dog training, doggy pack training with my advanced trained dogs and acupressure desensitization when needed.

Multiple private training session for the family.

6-months email access to the trainer (approx. 10 min/wk).


12 Day Training Sessions


Recommended for adult dogs and puppies.

Intermediate level manners and obedience, and socialization with fully trained dogs. Fix bad behaviors, learn basic commands, plus stay-in-place, leash skills, "leave-it," and more!


Two or three dog day training sessions per week for 4-6 weeks at our facility: 12 Total.

Your dog receives exercise, obedience training, enrichment training, companion dog training, doggy pack training with my advanced trained dogs and acupressure desensitization when needed.

Multiple private training session for the family.

1-Year email access to the trainer (approx. 10 min/wk).


18 Day Training Sessions

This program is designed for the behaviorally challenged dogs.



A non-refundable deposit of $400 will be required to make final training reservations. That can be paid by check or can be deducted from your payment in full. Payments in full can be paid with a credit card option on the website, or by sending a check to: Coaching Canine Companions


We Offer Much More Than Dog Obedience 

I accept only a few Dog Day Trainees per day. This means that I work with your dog for a personalized training session - up to four sessions per day. Then, when the pups are resting and processing their newly found wisdom, I am creating PERSONALIZED on-line dog training videos for you - from your dog's training session. But I don't stop there either; you also receive one-on-one private sessions.

Dog day training North Kingstown, RI.

Why Add Dog Day Training Camp to Your Dog Training Program?

Your pup certainly deserves the best! Coaching Canine Companions provides top-notch all-inclusive services for your dog.

  • Improved socialization of your pup with other dogs, people and places.

  • We get excellent results quicker than most all others.

  • Well-trained and obedient dog within just a few weeks.

  • Regular exercise to maintain your pup’s health and wellness.

  • Relief from separation anxiety and destructive behaviors.

  • Reduced boredom and increase in overall happiness.

  • We accomplish success where other trainers have failed.

What Your Dog Will Experience at Dog Daycare Training

Our fun-loving and highly trained trainers maximize safety and individualized care for your dog. Here’s what you can expect your canine friend to learn from us: 

Disciplined Behavior & Scheduled Exercise

Prepare to say goodbye to your pup’s behavioral problems! Here at Coaching Canine Companions, we teach your pup how to greet family and friends politely without pulling on the leash, nipping, jumping, or displaying any other unwanted behaviors.

"At Peace Protocol"

Expect your dog to experience a calm and relaxing "At Peace Protocol" each day. This will help your dog to release previous - or current - stresses that are getting in the way of your doggy / care taker relationship.

Well-behaved For Your Grooming Sessions and Vet Care Appointments

No more unnecessary barking or tantrums during grooming sessions or vet care appointments. We teach your pup discipline to ensure that they remain calm around others, such as groomers and vets.

Reliable Responses to Commands ~ On Leash or Off

Once we train your dog, you can expect them to respond to all your commands like come, sit, down, stay, and leave-it without displaying any aggressiveness or tantrums.

Doggy Enrichment Training

We introduce your dog to agility equipment - and much more - to build confidence and  body awareness skills.

Two dogs at doggy daycare


So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now for the best dog day training camp experience for your pup!


Bio-Energy Balancing

Why dog training obedience and behavior goals are accomplished quicker here, than with any other Master Dog trainer.

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