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Enjoy puppyhood and grow your puppy into the well-behaved adult canine companion that you look forward to coming home to.

For Puppies Between the Ages of 8-Weeks & 18 Weeks.

Potty-Training Video Workshop


It is important that your little furry friend starts their puppy training as soon as they turn two months old.


Remember that punishment doesn't work on puppies. It may give you short-term results, but it will make your puppy fear you or become aggressive in the long term.

We Master Puppy Training

If you have a puppy in your home, there may be a few behaviors that you just can’t tolerate, no matter how much you love your little fur baby.

When they turn 8 weeks old, your puppy will be excitable, hard to manage. However, that is all normal puppy behavior. At this stage, you need to start their "Enrichment" training.

Puppy Training Packages

Puppy Enrichment Training

For Puppies Between the Ages of 8-Weeks & 20 Weeks.

At Coaching Canine Companions, we understand that there's more to training a pup than just learning basic commands. We specialize in helping dogs overcome fears and phobias before they become behavior issues. Our experienced trainers are passionate about creating a safe, positive environment for your pup to learn and blossom.

We provide individualized lessons that take into account the age, breed and personality of your dog. Our mission is to make sure your pup is confident, happy and ready to take on the world. Visit us today to get started on the path to a better behaved pup.

Creating Puppy Companions

Our process

  • The Power of Reward
    Using positive re-enforcement methods lays at the core foundation of all puppy training. Physical punishment is just a bad idea – as has been shown by science.




  1. Verbal praise and body language

  2. Toys and play

  3. Whole food treats

  4. Body language and cuddles



  • Distract - Remove and Replace
    When your puppy is engaging in unwanted behaviors – like chewing your sox


  1. Distract him from the item

  2. Remove the item

  3. Replace it with one of his favorite toys



  • Behavior Shaping
    When Fido is doing anything that you like – relaxing in your lap; quietly chewing his toy; expressing curiosity… softly praise him to let him know that he is doing so wonderfully. In this way, you both grow to know and experience a true bond.



  • Understanding Cause & Effect
    All pups either want to get what they want - fun, or eliminate what they don’t want – unfun. It is a simple black and white world in the eyes of pups – there are no grey areas. Therefor, you need not over think things.


* Also, of particular importance is to know when you are human projections are helping or harming your pup.

Creating Puppy Companions

How Do You Properly Socialize a Pup?

5-Star Ratings


It's not what happens in dog parks. It's basically using one or more highly trained dogs for the untrained dog to imitate ~ Cognitive Social Theory.

This is why I use my two advanced, obedience trained dogs (Psychiatric Service Dog Included) as my teaching assistants, within a cognitively enriched environment.

This, alone with K9 energy balancing techniques and Master dog training education provides your dog training experience with one of the quickest, most efficient obedience and behavior training.

At Coaching Canine Companions, we are passionate about helping you properly socialize and train your dog. Our certified trainers have extensive experience in various training methods, including positive reinforcement and behavior training. We strive to ensure that both you and your pup have the best possible experience.

Whether you are looking to teach your dog basic commands, want to reinforce good behavior, or need help with destructive habits, we will work together to create a personalized plan that meets your pup's needs. We look forward to helping you and your four-legged family member become the best of friends.

If you are interested in puppy (Ages 20 weeks and up) as well as adult dog obedience training, check out our Day Training Program.

Puppy training in RI.
puppy obedience training

What Your Puppy Will Learn In Our Puppy Training Enrichment Program

  • Eliminating phobias and fear

  • Environmental and people socializing

  • Positive reward training and obedience coaching

  • Housetraining

  • Building confidence and mental focus

  • Games that improve your puppy’s balance and coordination

  • Following directions and general obedience

  • Educational topics for pet parents

​​Together, we can teach your energetic little furball to understand the behavior expected of them and to follow your commands.

puppy training class

Why Choose Coaching Canine Companions for Puppy Training?

At Coaching Canine Companions, we understand that different puppies have different attributes, behaviors, and temperaments. That’s why we offer you personalized puppy training classes based on your specific breed.

  • Before we start your puppy training, we will do an initial consultation to evaluate your pet baby and offer you a direction to prepare for the personalized training together.

  • We will create a highly personalized process for your puppy training and will keep you updated every step of the way so that you can make informed decisions for your puppy’s training. 

  • We are also available to answer every one of your puppy concerns.

  • Our puppy training classes will also provide you with a valuable packet full of learning material to continue your puppy training at home.

  • At the end of the program, your puppy will have learned basic manners and obedience and will be well on their way to start a new life in the human world.

puppy obedience school

Your puppy needs training from the moment he or she joins your home. Let's get started!

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