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Explore Rhode Island dog training to fix behavior issues for a peaceful life with your pup!

Dog Training

Rhode Island Dog Trainer

Fostering Lifelong Bonds Through Heart Centered, Balanced Dog Training Techniques.

Embark on a transformative journey with your companion canine, where our holistic, empowerment-focused dog training transcends traditional obedience, nurturing a deep, enduring connection between you and your dog.


Let's redefine dog training together.

Dog Behavior & Training Services

Discover the Possibilities for You and Your Fur Baby:

  • Canine Companion Coaching

  • Dog Behavior Issues Resolved

  • Service Dog Training with AKC CGC Evaluation

  • Take Your Dog Traveling with the Family

Dog behavior training

For All Mastering Dog Behavior and Training

Book a complimentary chat with one of our Rhode Island dog trainers to snag some valuable tips on behavior fixes and bonding boosts.

During our chat, we'll not only delve into your concerns but also dish out practical strategies straight from our comprehensive Dog Training & Behavior Program.


From basic obedience to handling trickier behaviors, we've got you covered.



Nurture your puppy into the perfect adult companion you eagerly await each day.


At Coaching Canine Companions, we specialize in puppy potty training, transforming challenging behaviors into positive habits.


Look for dog 'obedience near me', and experience the power of empowerment-based dog training with our obedience programs.


Designed to set both you and your dog on a path to success, our dog training approach fosters mutual respect and understanding, ensuring lasting positive outcomes.



Maximize Your Dog's Potential During Your Workday:


Your Dog Will Experience Our Unique 'Working Day Retreat' at Coaching Canine Companions.


Enjoy Personalized Evening Sessions Upon Pickup – Where Expert Training Meets Homely Comfort.

Whole day dog training



2. Choose Training Package

Select your training package and set up a schedule.

3. Enjoy a better relationship with a well-behaved dog

We’ll get to work coaching your pup and you for success.


Unlock the Benefits of Comprehensive Dog Training.

Are you ready to experience a well-behaved pup, who shares a deep connection with you?



  • Teaching your dog not to pull involves stopping when the leash tightens and resuming the walk when it slackens. This teaches them that pulling won't get them where they want to go faster.


  • Puppies naturally explore the world with their mouths. Redirecting their biting behavior to toys instead of hands and ceasing play when they bite can help teach them that biting is not an acceptable form of interaction.


  • Physical exercise alone might not be enough for some dogs. Including mental stimulation through interactive toys or training exercises can help reduce hyperactivity by engaging their minds along with their bodies.


  • Consistency is key in recall training. Using a long leash to guide them back when called and rewarding them helps reinforce the behavior. Start with short distances and fewer distractions, gradually increasing both as they improve.


  • Regular and consistent trips outside, rewarding them for doing their business in the right spot, and using a command can aid in house training. If they have an accident indoors, it’s crucial to clean it properly to remove any scent that might encourage them to repeat the behavior in that spot.

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