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Coaching Canine Companions specializes in dog behavior and training of all ages and breeds from puppies to adult dogs.

At Coaching Canine Companions, we strive to be the best dog training service. We put our hearts into making sure that each and every one of our furry friends gets the best care and training possible. With our knowledgeable and experienced staff, you can rest assured that your pup will be in good hands.

Our training program is designed to be flexible, so that we can customize it to your pup's needs. We believe that by creating an individualized experience, we can make sure that our four-legged companions have the best chance of success. Come see how we rise above all other master dog trainers.

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What Sets Our Training Apart?

Let us train your dog.

• Empowerment-based dog training company using both Holistic and Traditional techniques.

• We offer unique dog training modalities - Social Cognitive Theory & K9 Energy Balancing - that is more advanced and less time consuming than typical our Master Dog training alone.

• You and your canine partner will learn to develop a special bond using these unique Coaching Canine Companion techniques. Enjoy the training and support that will enable you and your dog to experience a lifetime of fulfilling companionship.


• At Coaching Canine Companions, we are committed to helping you and your pup build a strong bond and create a mutually beneficial relationship. Our team of experienced dog trainers have years of experience working with all breeds, ages, and sizes.

☑️  Relieving anxiety, chronic stress & leash reactivity.

☑️  We provide beginner through advanced obedience and behavior training for puppies & adult dogs.

☑️  Adding energy balancing techniques speeds up the training process by helping dogs to stay in their thinking brains more often.

☑️  We use Social Cognitive Training for a Fear Free training experience.

How our training differs from other master dog trainers.

Our approach is unique in that it not only focuses on the proper training of your pup, but also on you, the owner. Along with her Master dog training skills and experience, our founder, Lorrie Harris, also has training and experience as a trusted Enneagram Life Coach, a system that delves into the betterment of people's lives through the exploration of personality, motivations, and relationships.


Are You Ready To Get Your Dog Trained?

Founder, Master Dog Trainer Lorrie Harris
Serious inquires only please. Due to popular demand our schedule fills fast. 
Complete the form below to schedule a free dog training consultation or to speak with Lorrie and learn more about our day training packages!

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