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Master Dog Training & Behavior Program: Strengthen Your Bond

 Join our Master Dog Training & Behavior Program and unlock the secrets to improving challenging behaviors while deepening your bond with your dog. Discover effective strategies and techniques for a harmonious relationship.


Dog Day Training Camp


Personalized Training at Its Best:

Canine Companion Day Camp


Join us at Canine Companion Day Camp, where your dog enjoys a unique blend of personalized training and fun in a nurturing environment, ensuring a delightful 'working vacation' at the trainer's house.

Dog Obedience


The Power of Positive Training: A Guide to Empowering Your Dog.

Dive into the world of empowerment-based dog training, where we prioritize respect, understanding, and positive reinforcement to unlock your dog's full potential and foster a strong, lasting bond.

Puppy Enrichment Training


Nurturing Your Puppy's Potential: Empowerment-Based Training for Lasting Success.

Discover the transformative approach of empowerment-based puppy training that nurtures your puppy's growth, focusing on positive reinforcement and building a strong, respectful bond for lifelong success.

What Sets Our Training Apart?

Empowerment-Based Dog Training: A Revolutionary Blend of Holistic and Traditional Techniques.


Step into the world of Coaching Canine Companions and experience the transformative power of empowerment-based dog training, where innovative blending of holistic and traditional methods creates a unique and effective training journey for you and your dog.


☑️  Relieving anxiety, chronic stress & leash reactivity.

☑️  We provide beginner through advanced obedience and behavior training for puppies & adult dogs.

☑️  Adding energy balancing techniques speeds up the training process by helping dogs to stay in their thinking brains more often.

☑️  We use Social Cognitive Training for a Fear Free training experience.

Let us train your dog.

Our approach is unique in that it not only focuses on the proper training of your pup, but also on you, the owner. Along with her Master dog training skills and experience, our founder, Lorrie Harris, also has training and experience as a trusted Enneagram Life Coach, a system that delves into the betterment of people's lives through the exploration of personality, motivations, and relationships.


You're In Good Hands.

Lead Trainer and Founder, Lorrie Harris, has been working with dogs for over 30 years. She began informal training in 1990 after leaving the U.S. Navy. Her formal training began in 2019, when Lorrie melded her Health Coaching Business into her current Coaching Canine Companions business..

Are You Ready To Get Your Dog Trained?

Founder, Master Dog Trainer Lorrie Harris
Serious inquires only please. Due to popular demand our schedule fills fast. 
Complete the form below to schedule a free dog training consultation or to speak with Lorrie and learn more about our day training packages!

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