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Dog Behavior Training ~

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Dog Behavior Training.
Happy Dog Equals Happy Home

Welcome to our haven of Dog Behavior Training at Coaching Canine Companions, where we go beyond basic commands to foster a harmonious home life.


Our philosophy is simple: a happy dog equals a happy home. Our program is designed to seamlessly integrate into your hectic schedule, ensuring you can provide the best care for your furry friend without skipping a beat.

Why Our Dog Behavior Training Program Stands Out:

Imagine a place where your dog can learn, grow, and thrive, all while strengthening the bond you share. That's what our Dog Behavior Training is all about. Here’s why our program is the choice for those seeking "canine lessons near me".

Customized for Your Companion:

Every dog is unique, and so are our training plans. Tailored to match your dog's personality and goals, our program addresses everything from dog separation anxiety and food aggression in dogs to advanced obedience. We even teach you how to read your dog's body language so that you may communicate better with your pooch.

Designed for Your Lifestyle

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We know life doesn’t pause for dog training. That's why our flexible dog behavior training fits into your schedule, not the other way around.

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Explore Our Dog Behavior Training Packages:


Dedication defines our approach at Coaching Canine Companions. Our aim? To make sure your dog not only loves their training but also realizes their full potential for becoming a joyous addition to your family. Our dog behavior training programs include:

Comprehensive Solutions for Every Need:

Whether tackling specific challenges like dog separation anxiety or seeking a holistic dog training course, our diverse packages ensure your pup becomes a well-adjusted, joyful family member.

Personalized One-on-One Sessions:

Tailored to address individual behavior concerns and teach foundational obedience, ensuring personal growth and understanding.

Online Dog Training

Our interactive online dog training classes and our virtual dog behavior training sessions allow you to continue training efforts from the comfort of your home, perfect for busy schedules.

In-Depth Behavior and Obedience Programs:**

From mild mannerism adjustments to tackling severe behavioral issues, our comprehensive programs are designed to meet your dog behavior and training objectives.

4 Dog Training Packages


 Dog Behavior Training Packages

At Coaching Canine Companions, we're dedicated to making sure your furry friend not only enjoys their training journey but also achieves their highest potential.


With our personalized approach, both you and your pup will receive the attention and guidance needed to thrive!


Your Success is Our Mission.

1~Virtual Coaching Call +
5~Full Day Training Session


+ 1~Virtual Coaching Calls Lasting about 1-hour each.

General obedience, recommended for adult dogs and puppies.

Basic obedience training and solving that one problem you just can’t figure out, and learning some basic commands.

Online dog training classes are provided to each trainee, whether they participate in person or virtually.


1 In-person training session at our facility: 1 Total.


+ 5 Full Day Training Sessions: 5 Total

This package focuses on your training goals through general behavior and dog obedience training.

6-months email access to the trainer (approx. 10 min/wk).​


6~Full Day Training Sessions +
10~Virtual Coaching Calls



+ 10 Virtual Coaching Calls Lasting about 1-hour each.

Recommended for adult dogs and puppies.

Intermediate level manners and obedience, and socialization with fully trained dogs. Fix bad behaviors, learn basic commands, plus stay-in-place, leash skills, "leave-it," and more!

Online dog training classes are provided to each trainee, whether they participate in person or virtually.


1 or 2~Full Day Training Sessions per week for 5-7 weeks at our facility: 6 Total.


+ 10 One hour Canine Companion Coaching Zoom Calls: 10 Total.

This package is for the mild behavior challenges. We focus on helping you to achieve your dog behavior & training goals.

1-Year email access to the trainer (approx. 10 min/wk).


14~Full Day Training Sessions
12~Virtual Coaching Sessions

We provide a complete holistic training program for you and your challenged fur baby.

This program is designed for the behaviorally challenged dogs.


What Makes Our Dog Behavior Training Unique?

Opting for our dog behavior training means you're looking to not just correct but comprehend and adjust the underlying behaviors causing concern.


Our skilled trainers excel in decoding canine language, facilitating lasting transformations and strengthening your bond with your dog.

At Coaching Canine Companions, you're not just enrolling in a dog training course; you're stepping onto the path toward a happier home through our specialized dog behavior training. Let's make it happen today!

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Reach out now to find out more about our Dog Behavior Training programs and take the first step towards a happier, harmonious home.




A non-refundable deposit of $400 will be required to make final training reservations. That can be paid by check or can be deducted from your payment in full. Payments in full can be paid with a credit card option on the website, or by sending a check to: Coaching Canine Companions.

Refunds will not be made for services have been rendered.

Payment in full  can be made immediately, or you can chose to make it within 10 days of the first training date.


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