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Learn how to train your support dog and ensure that she will be there for you when you need her the most.

Do you want your dog to be an emotional support dog but they are too high-spirited or boisterous, or just too timid to help their pet parent during tough times?


That doesn't mean that your pet is unfit for emotional support - it just means they need a little bit of training.


Training your dog to become an emotional support dog is an excellent way for you to bond with and spend quality time together. Your dog has unconditional love to offer you and can help you during times of emotional upheaval as well.

However, you and your dog first needs to undergo basic training that will help them learn good manners, including following basic commands. We also teach dogs social skills, including how to interact in a friendly way with strangers and other dogs, and expose them to different types of environments and situations.


train your own service dog

Receive the exact working process and procedures, tools, and templates that our Master Dog Trainer used to train other emotional support dogs and their people.

We will be there with your every step of the way.

On-Demand Access to the Emotional Support Dog Training program, which includes 6 comprehensive training modules and many dog behavior and training videos as well as written lesson and PowerPoint handouts.

You want a professionally trained support dog but you can't afford a professional trainer, this is for you.

Learning how to forge deeper bonds with your canine companion to share life’s joys together.

Optional Live Coaching Sessions (virtual or in-person), including useful mindset tools and techniques that can help you finish the program with ease and finesse.

Special tools and techniques for tracking your dog's training progress.

60-Day Email Access to the founder and lead trainer Lorrie Harris for more personalized coaching.

Learn the scientific secrets from your dog about how to shed stress and strain, achieving a clear and calm mind.

Lifetime Access to the training program.

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What Your Dog Will Learn in Emotional Support Dog Training

  • How to follow your commands, including “sit,” “down,” and “stay.”

  • How to perform a service oriented task for you.

  • Understanding food, play, and potty.

  • How to react around strangers and other animals, including other dogs.

  • How to interact with strangers, including letting them touch and/or handle them.

  • Walk on the leash without pulling.

  • Behave well off-leash.

  • Tolerate strange sights, smells, and noises.

  • Tolerate long-distance travel.

  • Calm during petting.

  • Show ease and comfort around people with assisted walking devices.

It is important that dogs are trained to work successfully in a variety of settings.

What Can A Service Dog Help You With?

Studies have shown that caring for a pet can ease your anxiety and loneliness. With emotional support dog training, your furry pet can do much more than that for you.

We are currently living in unprecedented times during which a pandemic has turned the way we live and cope with stress and grief upside down. Because of the social distancing restrictions, people are unable to physically interact with their loved ones as a coping mechanism. In these times, your dog can help you cope with:

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Postpartum Depression

  • Grief

  • Fear of uncertainties

  • PTSD

  • Autism - Spectrum Disorders

  • Panic Attacks

  • Social Anxiety Disorders

  • OCD

  • Bipolar Disorder

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